1st December 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Rum is a Clojure/Script UI library with React, React Native and static server backends. It’s specifically designed to be simple, small, extensible and unopinionated. Rum allows for a unique blend of UI approaches to coexist in a single application and will let you mix built-in and custom pieces in a way which fits your problem best. In this talk, you will explore Rum features, the philosophy behind its design, its differences from other frameworks, best practices and real-life examples from an 11K sloc SPA project built entirely in Rum.


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Modern web apps with Rum

Nikita Prokopov

Nikita is a Clojure hacker from Siberia. He builds backends, web apps and distributed systems in Clojure for a living. He also blogs about Clojure, web and UX. He’s the author of DataScript, Rum, Tongue, Fira Code and AnyBar.