Introducing Streaming Processing with Kafka and the Onyx Platform

1st December 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Services are using streamed services for processing logs and social information. Previously it's been a case of integrating a system based on another language (Java or Scala for example). In this talk, you will discover a pure Clojure alternative using the Onyx Platform.

Using a user case of ingesting messages from Kafka, you will explore the way the Onyx Platform interacts with Kafka and how pure Clojure functions can be used to process the data and push manipulated information to a host of output possibilities. This will be via slides and some code examples to show how to put the project together. If you are new to Clojure, this talk will help you discover how you can implement streaming applications easily.

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Introducing Streaming Processing with Kafka and the Onyx Platform

Jason Bell

Jason Bell is a Data Engineer at Mastodon C and also author of Machine Learning: Hands on for Developers and Technical Professionals (published by Wiley). Previously he was section editor at Java Developer's Journal and also an IBM DeveloperWork author. He has worked with a number of established and startup companies in retail, point of sale, customer loyalty and sporting services.