Let's talk security

14th November 2016 in London at CodeNode

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Are you one of the growing startup or want to improve your application security? Yes, you heard it right, after this talk, you should be aware of the best practices to follow for tightening the security of your web applications. Come join London AJAX to learn how!

It’s important to understand a little better about why we sometimes need to slow down feature development and clean up a bit. We’ll have a hands-on demo with a vulnerable web application, and step by step discussion about the impact and necessary steps to mitigate them. Should be the most interesting part since you’ll see how attacker thinks to break in and how we (devs) should always try to be a step ahead of them and protect our app.


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Let's talk security

Dheeraj Joshi

Dheeraj is a Front-end Artisan at Wingify. He is quite adept at writing JavaScript and an open source enthusiast. An apprentice in the PJ world and an avid multi-tasker, he can play table tennis with both his hands and pull up his pants at the same time. When he is not writing code, he spends time finding and reporting security vulnerabilities in web applications.