1st December 2016 in London at CodeNode

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You have heard about Serverless: both AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions offer an environment in which your code can run without you having to worry about where or how it runs, and let the big boys worry about scaling for you, because this one goes to 11! Functional programming and Lisp makes perfect sense in this architecture because we're dealing with event-driven services that are by their very nature stateless pure-functions.

In this talk, you will explore how a major travel company used Lisp on #serverless architecture to deliver event-sourced business change that mattered, and achieve a level of agility that would leave a cheetah breathless. Plus, 7 key patterns are included free of charge to achieve microservice nirvana!

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Nigel Runnels-Moss

Nigel has shepherded the success of a wide variety of projects drawn from many business sectors and also has had the privilege of spending 5 years of his life working on the largest IT disaster in history, the £22bn white elephant known as NPfIT.