Collaboration Driven Development outside in – peeling away the layers

27th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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According to various unsubstantiated historical reports, 20 years ago we had BIG up front analysis and design done by architects and analysts working in ivory towers stroking their beards and doing lots and lots of diagrams.

Nobody wants to go back to those days.

Now beards are back in fashion, but we all understand the benefits of iteration and greater collaboration to help accelerate the delivery of high value software.

Iterative approaches like Agile (I’ve heard) sometimes tell us to throw away our diagrams and embrace more emergent analysis and design techniques over upfront work.

But hang on a minute! I like diagrams!! If we plunge straight into story writing and task board shuffling, aren’t we in danger of losing sight of the big picture! Stories blow up in our faces, dragons reveal themselves and we end up stuck in a giant ball of mud, desperately trying to refactor our way out of it.

DDD techniques help with this, but it’s still hard to get the right balance and align design activities with everything else that is going on.

In this talk Jenny will explore the many different heartbeats of iterations and collaboration we have within our organisations, and the different levels of decomposition that happen as we move from the problem to the solution domain. She's going to present a model that might help us plan more effective collaboration and join up with other team activities so that we’re all aligned and working on the right thing at the right time. Jenny hopes you might try a collaboration – driven approach in your own teams and see if it helps you start small and get the balance right between up front and iterative activities.


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Collaboration Driven Development outside in – peeling away the layers

Jenny Martin

Jenny Martin is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach specialising in agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation games.