Keynote: Balance

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Since Swift arrived on the iOS and Mac development scene a few years ago, the cocoa developer community has been in a new age of discovery. We've raced to discover new ways of working and thinking with the platform on which many of us have grow careers. But there are still engineering problems and ideas best and easiest solved using some our favorite concepts from Objective C. In fact, some old ideas have been given new legs simply because we are now seeing the world through a Swift lens. Don't throw out your old tricks just because the new and shiny thing looks cool. It turns out, they keep your options even more wide open than you thought.


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Keynote: Balance

Saul Mora

Trained in the mystical and ancient arts of manual memory management, compiler macros, pthreads and header files, Saul Mora is a developer who honors his programming ancestors by using Optional variables Nib based UI in Swift. Classically trained in Objective C, Saul has traveled the world gaining experience, hoping to earn his status as a neckbeard. Saul has embraced the Swift programming language in order to be ready for the many algorithmic journeys ahead. Currently, Saul trains daily deep in the heart of modern China, Shanghai. The temple monks at 流利说寺 (Liulishuo) permit Saul to meditate daily by crafting an award winning app dedicated to helping the Chinese learn English.