10th January 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at State of JavaScript 2017

As announced in November, London AJAX User Group is now officially rebranding as London HalfStack! So kick off 2017 with their meetup looking at the current state of JavaScript and some of the features coming in ES8

While ES7 had relatively few additions to the language, ES8 has many features in Phase 3 or 4 and likely to be part of this year's finalised spec, including the standardisation of Observables which were made popular by RxJS. We're also seeing significant convergence of concepts across tools and frameworks, so we'll look at some of the common trends across React, Angular 2, Dojo 2, Vue, Aurelia, and Svelte as well as across tools like webpack, rollup, npm, yarn, Intern, Ava, and more!


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State of JavaScript 2017

Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson is a Dojo and Ajax expert. He coorganises events at the London Ajax User Group.