Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Getting into Functional Reactive Programming can be pretty daunting at the beginning. Fear not! Let's take a closer look at this topic together. You'll learn what lies under the concept of FRP and take a look at mechanisms that are offered by ReactiveCocoa.

Eliasz has been using ReactiveCocoa for past 2 years. Starting with Objective-C implementation, then jumped right into Swift. He's noticed that many of you are afraid to get into amazing world of FRP, so he wanted to share with you that this topic can be really enjoyable. Everything done in gentle way that will be well received by you if you're completely unfamiliar with FRP.


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Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming

Eliasz Sawicki

Eliasz is a developer at Bright Inventions, focused on providing great iOS experience.