Workshop: Test Driving Swift To The Max - with or without the tests!

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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TDD has not been as central to iOS (and Mac) ecosystems as in some others. Find out why as Phil will argue in favour of TDD as a very valuable tool to have in your toolkit.

Then you’ll explore some techniques for stream-lining the process of writing and working with tests - and how JetBrains’ AppCode can mitigate many common pain points.

Swift itself brings some new tricks to the table that can allow you to rethink the traditional process of TDD - and question whether you even need the tests at all!


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Workshop: Test Driving Swift To The Max - with or without the tests!

Phil Nash

Phil is a Developer Advocate for Swift, Objective-C and C++ tools at JetBrains. Prior to that he worked in as diverse fields as: finance, agile coaching and iOS development. A long time C++ developer he also has his feet in Swift, Objective-C and F# - as well as dabbling in other languages. He is the author of several open source projects - most notably Catch: a C++-native test framework - and had the first version of the strategy board game, Risk, in the iOS app store.