Buffers and Encoders and Command Queues, omg!

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Metal was announced in 2014, yet it still hasn't really been widely adopted. It can be incredibly difficult to find a good starting point with Metal and many of you get discouraged. You run into a wall of jargon without context and it gets too confusing and you give up.

Join Janie as she goes over some of the basics of GPU programming to make this more approachable.


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Buffers and Encoders and Command Queues, omg!

Janie Clayton

Janie Clayton is an iOS developer and author living in Madison, WI. Janie is the author of the forthcoming Metal Programming Guide. She gave up her previous life to pursue programming in 2012 and so far has not regretted this decision. She catalogues her journey on her blog, When she isn't coding Janie is spending some quality time making music, cuddling with her pugs, and contemplating the nature of existence.