Rules of (Visual) Design for Developers

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Some of you are spoiled with a team of rockstar programmers featuring world-class designers. Some of you are not so lucky and will have to make do with what you've got - a bunch of programmers pretending to be multitalented visual artists or UI designers. There is a lot of design literature available on topics such as interface design, typography, and graphic design but it's largely ambiguous and somewhat difficult to get a grip of.

This talk aims to save those unlucky teams who are struggling with little to no access to professional designers by presenting the (tongue-in-cheek) Rules of Visual Design for Developers! They are rules that make sense even to a simple programmer like Lasse - rules of thumb that most often lead to a pretty good outcome.


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Rules of (Visual) Design for Developers

Lasse Koskela

Lasse has spoken at dozens of international conferences since 2005, including a couple of keynotes in agile conferences, speaking to some 2000 programmers in a movie theatre, addressing staff of the European Commission (they actually organise an IT conference of their own), and a bunch of smaller gatherings.