Generics and extensions in Swift

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Generics improve readability and reusability of code while retaining compile time type safety. Using generics in Swift we can use some of the freedom we know from dynamically-typed languages like Python - but safely. Pawel will show the power of generics in Swift, from very basic examples of generic functions to advanced topics like constrained extension. He will also quickly cover the conditional conformance proposals in Swift 4.

The main reason to talk about generics in Swift is... they're fun! But more importantly, Swift can be tough to learn for you if you have a dynamic languages background. Generics add flexibility and some magic to boringly static Swift. However, Pawel will not go into details of programming language architecture, but rather show cool, motivating examples of every day use of generics.


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Generics and extensions in Swift

Paweł Brągoszewski

Paweł is senior iOS dev at Hypermedia /Poland/ & Isobar /UK/,and he's previous work includes lead iOS dev in realtime OCR stealth startup /Sweden/, iOS dev in live streaming stealth startup /Netherlands/, iOS dev at Smartzilla /Poland/, AngularJS dev at Clos Brothers /Poland/, iOS dev at International Data Group /Poland/