A Strategy for Learning CoreData in 50 Easy Steps

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Swift programmers have a lot to learn. OOP, Functional, Protocol-oriented; MVC, MMVC, React, Viper... and just when your head stops spinning, Apple will announce a new framework or technology at WWDC.

Whether you are an educator, working in a team, or ‘just’ teaching yourself, this talk will give you better tools for dealing with complexity. Catja will explore learning styles, motivation and coder’s block, practice and best practice, as well as involving the community and giving back to it – using the rather intimidating CoreData framework as an example.


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A Strategy for Learning CoreData in 50 Easy Steps

Catja Pafort

By night, Catja is an experienced Filemaker developer who has been using Swift since June 2014; working mainly on a WorldBuilder-inspired game engine for macOS.