Building better iOS apps with GraphQL

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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If — like hundreds of millions of others — you’ve used the Facebook iOS or Android app in the last four years, you’ve used a mobile app powered by GraphQL.

GraphQL is a product-developer-friendly and efficient method for fetching structured data from a server, designed to be an alternative to REST. It was developed in 2012 as an internal project at Facebook, open sourced last year, and is now being used by an increasing number of well known companies.

An important benefit over REST is that it allows clients to ask for the exact data they need, without the server sending extraneous results or having to perform extra roundtrips to fetch related objects. This is especially important for mobile apps, because cellular networks can be bandwidth constrained and often suffer from high latency. It also makes it possible for a single server endpoint to support multiple versions of your app, without explicit versioning of your API.

In this talk, Martijn will discuss why GraphQL is such a great match for mobile development, and talk about his efforts to build an open source GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift. In particular, Martijn will explain how the client takes advantage of code generation and the strongly-typed nature of GraphQL to enable static type safety from the server to the UI.


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Building better iOS apps with GraphQL

Martijn Walraven

Martijn Walraven is a developer on the Apollo open source team at Meteor, where he focuses on bringing GraphQL to mobile developers. He recently released a first version of a strongly typed GraphQL client for iOS written in Swift, and is working with a group of contributors on doing the same for Android.