Workshop: Building a server-side Swift app with the Kitura web framework

30th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Kitura is a high performance, easy to use web framework written in Swift 3.

With Kitura you can quickly build a web app on macOS or Linux, and deploy it to the cloud.

Join this workshop to explore server-side Swift hands on with the development team who wrote Kitura, and learn why Swift might be a great choice for your next backend project.

Ian and Chris will cover setting up Kitura, writing a simple app, connecting it to a database, and deploying to the cloud. You'll learn new skills to take your Swift knowledge to the next level.

Find out more on Kitura here and here.

IMPORTANT If you're running macOS, you will need to install the latest Xcode 8 in advance. Participants running Linux do not need to install anything. Participants running Windows... cannot participate :-)


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Workshop: Building a server-side Swift app with the Kitura web framework

Chris Bailey

Chris knows Java, Node.js and Swift runtime development. He works at IBM.

Ian Partridge

Ian Partridge is a senior developer at Swift@IBM, working to bring Swift to the cloud on Linux. With a background in runtime technologies including Java garbage collection, performance and monitoring he is now working in open source on server-side Swift. Since learning Swift he has contributed to open source Foundation and libdispatch, and is also a developer of Kitura, a Swift HTTP server and web framework.