9th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Agile Leadership

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We know Agile is not a silver bullet, that Agile projects aren’t always successful, and adopting Agile across an organisation is hard. We are starting to understand the critical role that Management plays in the success of Agile adoption. It is not enough for an organisation to ‘bolt on’ agile practices to existing management hierarchy and organisational culture, and hope for the best. It is said that we need less management and more leadership. This talk argues the case for both, but a different kind of management, and a different kind of leadership.

Under Management, we discuss the mis-interpretation of ‘command and control’, bridging the 3 gaps between desired outcomes, plans and actions, and we discuss the nature of Strategy.

Under Leadership, we discuss the difference between leadership and management, giving direction, motivation of knowledge workers and Leaders creating Leaders. We will look at models for self-managing organisations, and their pitfalls, and at aligning strategy, budgeting and appraisals for a truly agile organisation.

This talk is aimed at managers and leaders at all levels in organisations adopting Agile, as well as anyone in coaching roles.


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Agile Leadership

Chris Davies

Chris has spent most of his working life in Financial Services as a developer and project manager. He first adopted Agile in 2008 and had immediate success with it, delighting his customers. Further successes followed with different projects and different companies. For some years, he led Agile improvement at an insurance company and introduced an agile governance approach that is the basis of this presentation.