A Gazillion Ways to Test with F# - Audience Level: Beginner

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Automated testing can be a pain - or a joy! In this talk, you will explore the multitude of technologies and techniques that F#, .NET and Mono developers can use to move the needle in the joyful direction. You will discover basic unit testing with NUnit. Following that, you will take it to the next level of test case generation using FSCheck.

Along the way, you will learn how best to run tests in Visual Studio (using NCrunch). You will explore Canopy, a glorious way to run automated Web UI tests.

Packed with visual examples and live coding - plus a little gentle trolling of industry experts - this talk will transform your attitude to automated testing.


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A Gazillion Ways to Test with F# - Audience Level: Beginner

Kit Eason

Kit Eason is a highly experienced developer, working in industries from automotive engineering to energy trading. Kit is a and PluralSight author. He's written software in F# for purposes as diverse as Pension Scheme Valuation, Movie VFX Costing, and Commodities Trading. An F# algorithm he dashed off for a conference demo became part of the UK national energy infrastructure. He talks about F# to whoever will listen.