Coding Dojo

9th September 2009 in London at The Crypt, St James Church Clerkenwell

This SkillsCast was filmed at Coding Dojo

The Dojo starts with the definition of a problem to be worked on. It'll be something relatively simple, but with enough scope for plenty of interesting choices to be made about the design. We'll have one laptop connected to a projector and two developers will pair on it to iterate towards a solution.

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Coding Dojo

Ivan Sanchez

Ivan is an advocate of Agile software development. He believes a successful software project depends on continuous delivery of business value and has spent the last years trying various ways to achieve that....

Matt Wynne

Matt is the lead developer for Cucumber, the popular Open-Source acceptance testing tool. He’s the author of The Cucumber Book, and in 2013 he cofounded Cucumber Limited with Aslak Hellesøy and Julien Biezemans. Their company supports the open-source platform by offering training, consulting, coaching around BDD, lean and agile software development.