The past, present and future of MBrace - Audience Level: Advanced

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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You live in a time when it's never been easier to write distributed systems capable of running across hundreds or potentially thousands of machines in the cloud. For many people, however, the goto solutions all lie on the JVM but the CLR and F# has a secret weapon in the form of MBrace. In this talk, you will discover how MBrace fits into the distributed computing space and what features it offers above and beyond some of it's closest competitors. You'll also see how MBrace was used on a project, breaking down some aspects which went well and some aspects which could have gone better. Finally you'll see how MBrace is set to evolve through 2017 and some of the new features which are being brought to the platform.


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The past, present and future of MBrace - Audience Level: Advanced

Anthony Brown

Anthony is a consultant at Compositional IT where he specialises in all things big data, distributed systems and IoT. He particularly enjoys working with F#, Azure, Akka.Net and MBrace. He's also the author of Reactive Applications with Akka.Net.