Only you can save Scalakind with Rory Graves

20th March 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Only you can save Scalakind with Rory Graves

Rory Graves argues that the Scala ecosystem is for everyone! Rory will explore ways to get involve and explore projects where you can add value. So come join the fun and get involved!

The Scala ecosystem comprises of both its community and software. Both parts rely on us, and our input as members of this community, to thrive and grow. This talk will explore the Scala ecosystem and ways for you can get involved. Everybody from the person who has only just discovered Scala to the seasoned scala veteran can contribute and by doing so learn, grow and make new friends. Value can be added at every level, from reporting bugs, tweaking documentation to hacking on the compiler.

Want to understand where Scala is going, what’s Lightbend’s vision for collaboration, competition and interoperability in Scala? Come and find out at this years Scala eXchange 2017. Grab your tickets now!


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Only you can save Scalakind with Rory Graves

Rory Graves

Rory spends his life fighting to find a balance between writing ugly high performance code and beautiful maintainable code. He fights from the trenches to make software better, contributing to open source and has has worked across the entire gamut of software from building a JVM to optimising grid computing.