Building Distributed Systems with ZeroMQ and F# - Audience Level: Mixed

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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"Divide et impera." Divide and rule. A sound strategy for any complex problem, be it in politics, warfare, or software engineering. But like so many maxims, this is easier said than done... Unless you have the right tools.

In this talk, you will explore ZeroMQ, a collection of exactly the sort of tools you will need to build robust distributed systems. In particular, you will discover the fundamental, language-agnostic concepts needed to scale out from threads to processes to machines. Several examples will demonstrate these concepts using two small open source libraries. Time will also be spent discussing related topics like: reliability, serialization, and community support. No prior knowledge is assumed, though familiarity with F# will certainly be helpful.


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Building Distributed Systems with ZeroMQ and F# - Audience Level: Mixed

Paulmichael Blasucci

As a passionate – yet pragmatic – enthusiast of multi-paradigm and polyglot engineering, Paulmichael has spent the past 17 years blending a disparate array of languages, technologies, and methodologies to develop compelling solutions to a wide range of business problems. He especially enjoys solving challenges in distributed computing, visual communications, and heterogeneous enterprise systems. Paulmichael is a co-founder of NashF# (the Nashville F# Meetup) and a co-organizer of the New York City F# Users Group.He received Microsoft MVP Awards for his work in the .NET community in 2014, 2105, and 2016. When not at the keyboard, Paulmichael may be found globe-trotting with his wife and son (though his soul is still honky-tonkin' in Nashville, TN).