Writing Generic Programs in F# - Audience Level: Advanced

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Datatype generic programming refers to an assortment of techniques, libraries and language extensions used for defining programs that are parameterized by datatypes, or rather by shapes of datatypes. In this talk, you will explore TypeShape, a small library for generic programming with emphasis on practical application and extensibility. TypeShape takes advantage of F# active patterns and object expressions to concisely define extensive, generic programs. It is already being used in real-world libraries such as FsPickler and FSharp.AWS.DynamoDB.


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Writing Generic Programs in F# - Audience Level: Advanced

Eirik Tsarpalis

Eirik George Tsarpalis is software engineer at Jet Dublin, a mathematician and .NET developer who's been writing F# for the past 6 years.