BDD Scenarios as Domain Models

27th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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It is common in Behaviour Driven Development to extract example scenarios to clarify understanding of the system's behaviour.

The practice of Modelling by Example takes these example-driven conversations with subject matter experts, and uses them as a venue to extract domain understanding and ubiquitous language.

Join Ciaran and explore the BDD concepts of Features, Rules and Examples, how to improve our domain models within your requirements conversations, and how test automation driven by examples applies a pressure to align your code to the derived models.


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BDD Scenarios as Domain Models

Ciaran McNulty

Ciaran helps teams at all levels of ability improve via training and coaching. He has been a PHP professional since the late 90s and is passionate about TDD, BDD and Agile methodologies. He is lead maintainer of PhpSpec, a unit level BDD tool.