Emergent Boundaries

27th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Modelling is more than knowledge management. It’s complexity management. To reduce cognitive load, you split things up, whether at small scale, in code, or in the large, such as Bounded Contexts. But if you choose large boundaries upfront, you risk getting it wrong, and being stuck to them for a long time. Join Mathias in a discussion of better ways of empirically discovering boundaries instead.


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Emergent Boundaries

Mathias Verraes

Mathias Verraes advises companies on building software for complex environments. This involves primarily analysis and modelling, but also code, architecture, testing, and refactoring “unmaintainable” systems. He has worked with clients in Finance, Automotive, Government, Logistics, E-Commerce, and more. He teaches Domain-Driven Design courses and co-organises the DDD Europe conference. When he’s not working, he’s at home in Kortrijk, Belgium, helping his two sons build crazy Lego train tracks.