London Ruby lightning talks

13th February 2017 in London at CodeNode

There are 8 other SkillsCasts available from London Ruby Usergroup Meetup

This London Ruby meetup features seven lightning talks on the following topics:

  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: Avoiding mutable state in Ruby and why you might want to.
  • A Way to Think About Bugs- 10:18
  • Small Steps to Finding Your Dream Job- 19:56
  • Logstash: JRuby and Java at Elastic.- 30:00
  • A (Pointed) Guide to Beer- 40:15
  • Base WTF- 51:34
  • Doing bad things in Postgres for fun and profit- 01:02:56

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London Ruby lightning talks

Tom Wey

Full-stack developer at thoughtbot London. Aside from writing code I'm into rock climbing, cycling and being a dad.

Kaitlyn Tierney

Kaitlyn is a web developer working for Happy Bear Software. She’s also a Certified Cicerone (, which means she knows more about beer than you likely ever will.

Ryan MacGillivray

I’ve been a rubyist for about 5/6 years working for a mix of small production businesses, agencies, and FinTech companies before finding my current home with Made Tech

Guy Boertje

Ruby and Java developer at Elastic. London based, I WFH mostly but go into the London office from time to time. One of a team of nine based in Europe, UK, Canada and the US.

Lola Odelola

Lola is a software engineer at 38degrees, a published poet and a the founder of - an organisation that aims to help diversify the tech industry.

Paul Battley

Paul Battley has been using Ruby since 2002, and getting paid for it for the last couple of years. Since the end of 2005, he works at Reevoo, where he works full-time on Ruby on Rails based applications.