State of F# within Microsoft’s Developer Division

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Microsoft does quite a lot with F#. Microsoft builds and support compilers on .NET Framework and .NET Core, and also support F# running on Xamarin-flavored Mono. There is also the building and supporting of tools within the Visual Studio IDE, which is the primary way developers write code in F#. However, Microsoft is just one part of the larger F# ecosystem which is, to quote Don Syme, fully independent, cross-platform, open source, and multi-vendor. So, what’s up with Microsoft and F#?

In this (unfortunately not-too-technical) talk, you’ll learn about how F# is being invested in and viewed from within Microsoft’s Developer Division, the roadmap for F# tooling within Visual Studio, the importance of recent changes to the F# IDE tooling with respect to becoming a first-class citizen of Visual Studio, and the people who work on it.

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State of F# within Microsoft’s Developer Division

Phillip Carter

Phillip Carter is a Program Manager on the .NET team at Microsoft. He currently works on F# tooling, .NET, and .NET documentation. Prior to joining Microsoft, Phillip was a student at Oregon State University, where he worked as a student developer-mentor and was the president of the mobile app development club.