Some advice to F# beginners - Audience Level: Beginners

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Writing code in F# is actually easy. Once you get the basic constructs, you can start building stuff pretty fast. However, as with every new toy, you can get a bit carried away and forget to apply your common sense and knowledge. Without diving into advanced features, nor domain modelling, you will discover a set of techniques you can apply to keep your code more maintainable and easy to read, both for your colleagues and you future self.

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Some advice to F# beginners - Audience Level: Beginners

Pierre Irrmann

Pierre is a passionate software engineer. In his day-job he has participated in a wide range of projects on the Microsoft .NET platform, progressively moving from C# to F#. Off-duty, he's very fond of coding amazing useless things.