Clouds, Codes and Cybers with Troy Hunt

27th June 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Clouds, Codes and Cybers with Troy Hunt

​Ah, the cloud! There’s no faster way to back your data up so that anybody can make a globally distributed redundant copy of it. Not intentionally, mind you, but that’s what we’re doing every single day; unintentionally spreading valuable customer data around the web where it is then hacked, sold, redistributed and commoditised in ways we never envisaged.

In this talk, I’m going to share many of the things I’ve learned about how data is taken from our systems en mass due to coding flaws, complacency and oftentimes, outright stupidity. It focuses on many of the lessons I’ve learned whilst running the data breach notification service “Have I been pwned”, including the ways I’ve used Azure to manage billions of breached records on a coffee budget.

This is a fun night out designed to be both light-hearted and insightful.


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Clouds, Codes and Cybers with Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt

Troy is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, Pluralsight author and world-renowned internet security specialist. He spends his time teaching developers how to break into their own systems before helping to piece them back together to be secure against today’s online threats. He’s also the creator of “Have I been pwned?”, the free online service for breach monitoring and notifications. Troy regularly blogs at from his home in Australia.