A Gentle Introduction to Processing

18th May 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at A Gentle Introduction to Processing

This meetup will be a hands-on tutorial introducing complete beginners.

We'll make sure everyone has the software installed properly, and work through a few simple exercises to give us a feel for how we could go on to create more sophisticated art with processing.

• If we have time, we'll see how we can use these very same ideas to create art that works in everyone's web browser (using p5.js), making your work easily accessible to potentially millions of viewers who need nothing more than a browser.

• At the end we'll take a quick look at some of the beautiful images that others have created with processing - to see what is possible with processing.

Take your first step coding for visual art - and join us for a fun and intimate tutorial - you really don't need any previous coding experience at all, just interest and enthusiasm!


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A Gentle Introduction to Processing