EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop with Alberto Brandolini

  4 days


The structure and agenda of this workshop are currently under review. Things have changed since the first edition of the EventStorming Remote Modelling Online Workshop (July 2020 - in the middle of the pandemic first wave), and a revision is due to provide the best available match between the agenda and the business context where the learnings could be applied.

An updated description will be available on this website in the coming weeks.

Do you want to learn more about the business domain of your organisation but don't know what questions to ask? Or even who to ask?

Meet EventStorming, a collaboration modelling technique that will help you gain a deeper understanding into your domain.

In this EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop, Alberto Brandolini will lead you through three different styles of EventStorming. Performed remotely, you’ll practice and discuss different styles of facilitation on business-class scenarios, in large and small teams.

EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop with Alberto Brandolini

By the end of this workshop you’ll be equipped with the tools to model even the most complex business process (without being trapped in an endless boring analysis phase).

If you’re eager to tame complexity with agility, starting in the most appropriate way, with the right understanding of the big picture don’t miss this EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop.

This course will be offered virtually over 4 half‑day sessions of 3.5 hours each.

What used to be an immersive in-person experience of collaborative modelling will not be viable for a while. However, in a work-from-home world the need for a collaborative approach to envisioning and designing new services and processes is stronger than ever.

Our virtual courses offer the same expert-led, hands-on experience we've offered since 2013 — only now we’re making it accessible from the comfort of your own home (office).

Online Courses for Software Professionals at Skills Matter

Learn how to:

Practice the three main EventStorming recipes in an online format, on real-world problems.

Experience and discuss the benefits and limitations of an online-only approach.

Design and lead your next online workshop.

Build a set of working practices for online workshops and avoid common pitfalls.

What others are saying about Alberto Brandolini's EventStorming Workshop

The best thing about the course is the practicality, actually doing the modelling and using the techniques.... Thank you for the course, it has given me an insight and enough vision for me to want to try out these methods at work.”

— Bernadette, previous attendee from a financial services company

“[Alberto is] engaging and a master of the subject. Clearly his approach has been refined over many years of practice and teaching, which the attendees benefit from immensely.”

— Rob, Credit Suisse

“Absolutely brilliant. Great anecdotes, useful insight, and clear instructions. Can't ask for more.”

— Ben, Pivotal

About the Author

Alberto Brandolini

Alberto Brandolini can model every business domain, given enough space, a paper roll and an unlimited source of colored sticky notes (with a preference for orange ones). He calls this stuff EventStorming.

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Who should take this workshop?

This training program of this EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop is aimed at software practitioners, workshop facilitators, and explorers that want to practice EventStorming on the field.


EventStorming is an interdisciplinary practice which promotes collaboration across teams. The inclusive approach means that any team member or stakeholder of any level may take part in this workshop and will actively contribute.

Workshop Outline

Day One – Discovery: From Chaos to Validation

Exploring the whole with Big Picture EventStorming will help you lead and design exploratory workshops where multiple stakeholders and points of view are represented. On day one we’ll see how to facilitate a process to build an emergent structure from a chaotic exploration, and which information can we extract from the model.

Day Two – Discovery: Extracting Value from Big Picture Format

Validating the business narrative can be challenging, but it makes the following steps incredibly easy: highlighting the major flow constraints, and gathering consensus about it; mapping possible bounded contexts and visualising the ideal areas of responsibility of different teams within the organisation, capturing opportunities to deliver more value and enhance the organisation as a whole, or simply scoping your next project and the ideal MVP.

Day Three – Process Design as a Collaborative Game

Collaborative design can be challenging when different professionals are involved, with Process Modelling EventStorming we will establish and practice multiple patterns of collaboration between specialists coming from different fields like technology, business or user experience design, making sense of existing processes or designing new ones.

Day Four – Software Design and Connecting the Dots

Designing critical software poses software specific challenges: how to design complex flows keeping the balance between good user experience and consistent responsibility-driven implementation? Software Design EventStorming connects all the dots to help you design the best software for your more critical processes.
We’ll also be practising Ensemble Modelling, which will allow collaborative design in larger groups. The final act is all about connecting the dots: designing our personal ideal workshop given our business case, and the different tools and patterns we practised.

EventStorming Remote Modelling Workshop with Alberto Brandolini
Dates coming soon