Certified Scrum Master with Abid Quereshi


  2 days


This workshop will empower you with in‑depth knowledge of Scrum and its application to complex project problems.

You will earn the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) designation awarded by the Scrum Alliance; the most widely recognised network of agile software development professionals in the world.

You will gain direct experience with Scrum and learn about the context from which the framework emerged. Through direct experience and deep understanding of the intentions of Scrum, you will have confidence to apply the techniques effectively in your particular project situations.

 Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) with Abid Quereshi

This course will be offered virtually over 2 full‑day sessions.

Our virtual courses offer the same expert-led, hands-on experience we've offered since 2013 — accessible from the comfort of your own home (office).

You'll join Abid and participants from around the globe in a virtual classroom where you'll utilise a collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, Google Docs, and Mural to start mastering Scrum.

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The aim of this course is to provide you with a deep understanding of the differences between traditional business analysis and project management approaches and the approaches advocated by the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and its proponents. The course places special emphasis on working with distributed teams, software quality and technical excellence. The concepts are explored through hands-on simulations where you can test the ideas in a controlled environment.

Experience Scrum through high-energy simulations

Explore cultural values that enable Scrum

Identify problems that will benefit from Scrum

Evaluate and challenge traditional management paradigms

Relate Scrum to agile methods such as XP, DevOps, Lean and Kanban

Gain insights into motivation, teams, coaching, customer‑supplier collaboration, contracts, risk management & organisational change

About the Author

Abid Quereshi

For over 22 years Abid Quereshi has helped over 50 organisations in 15 countries increase business agility. The insights he brings to the classroom are based on direct experience in developing, testing, specifying and tracking on real software projects.

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Who should take this workshop?

You'll be learning alongside product owners, digital producers, developers, existing Scrum Masters and those looking to expand their skillset to move their career and teams in a new direction.


This course requires courage, an open mind and focus. This course is for beginners as well as for experienced practitioners. Both will benefit from the simulations and first-hand experience with product development.

Workshop Outline

  • Myths about Scrum and their impact
  • The Scrum Framework and its origins in Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics
  • Application of the Scrum Framework through a hands-on simulation
  • Team Chartering (Ready, 'Done' and Team agreements)
  • Helping a Team to Self-Organise
  • Clarifying purpose of
    • Daily Scrums
    • Sprint Reviews
    • Sprint Retrospectives
    • Collaborative Techniques such as Behaviour Driven Development
  • Motivation, Teams and Organisational Change
  • Complexity, Empiricism and the Context for Scrum
  • Cultivating courage and responsibility-taking
  • Coaching and Change Management
  • Servant-Leadership in contrast to other traditional styles

Certified Scrum Master with Abid Quereshi
Dates coming soon