LeSS & Learn - Deepen Knowledge and Share Experiences with Ben Maynard


  2 days


The goal of this workshop? Acceleration towards LeSS Mastery exclusively for Certified LeSS Practitioners, provisional Certified LeSS Practitioners and/or Certified LeSS for Executives.

It is considered the proper way to extend your existing certification (convert your provisional practitioner certification) people attending LeSS & Learn events can genuinely be considered candidate LeSS experts recognised for continuing their learning journey towards LeSS mastery.

This 2-day LeSS & Learn in-person event is an in-depth journey connecting experiences of LeSS practitioners with sound theory and principles by the highly skilled & experienced Certified LeSS Trainer Ben Maynard.

The event will be a collective mentoring session where we deepen LeSS knowledge and generate a lasting impact.

Learn how to:

All participants will have their Certified LeSS Practitioner and/or Certified LeSS for Executives certificates renewed or their provisional practitioner certificate converted and will have their their account on extended for two years.

Certified LeSS Practitioner and/or Certified LeSS for Executives renewal for another 2 years.

After the course, continue your LeSS learning journey.

Join Ben Maynard in his exclusive Mentorship Circle, where he will support your LeSS implementation year-round.

Learn more about the LeSS Mentoring Circle

About the Author

Ben Maynard

Founder, Sheev Ltd

Available dates

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Contact us at and mention ref: LESSLEARN-BM-01.
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Who should take this workshop?

  • People who are in LeSS adoptions or gradually moving in that direction
  • People who have been involved in LeSS and want to share their experiences, deepen their knowledge & learn some new LeSS topics


It is recommended that you explore your knowledge gaps using the LeSS online assessment.

Workshop Outline

The agenda for this 2-day event will be created and adjusted by those in the room so bringing your ideas, questions and ideas around LeSS and LeSS Huge is required so that you can get the most from the experience.

Common topics that are addressed during this event:
  • Deeper insight in LeSS principles, like Lean Thinking
  • Scrum Masters, how to educate them?
  • Organising coaching
  • Tips for running communities
  • Technical practices at scale, how they work and why they are important?
  • Understanding and dealing with politics
  • Pain and Fear in a LeSS transformation
  • What to expect when starting a second LeSS area?
  • Designing for perfection and working with perceived constraints
    • Performance management
    • Contracting with vendors/suppliers
    • Dependencies with external parts (internal/external)
    • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Reducing/Removing Queues over Managing Queues
  • Supporting people in their single-specialization to multi-specialization journey
  • LeSS Metrics
Examples of topics brought by participants:
  • My organization is still not moving forward towards LeSS, what steps should I take?
  • How can I convince…
  • The teams are not working according to the Definition of Done, what to do?
  • here
  • here
  • How to get real customers in the Sprint Review?
  • Can I visit a LeSS adoption?
  • I’d like to share what we did
  • Could you cover topic X again?

LeSS & Learn - Deepen Knowledge and Share Experiences with Ben Maynard
Dates coming soon