Introduction to Rust


  6 days


In this Introduction to Rust workshop, you will learn the basic skills to read and write Rust code competently on your own.

Besides the basic syntax, you will learn about Rust’s type system, the ownership model, and concurrent programming. You will also learn about the daily coding workflow, using the tooling supplied around the language.

Introduction to Rust

This course will be offered virtually over 6 sessions of 3.5 hours each.

The 6 sessions will split between 2 weeks, running only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

This course is a live, real-time workshop offered in an intimate virtual classroom — where you will learn directly from Lisa.

This class utilises Zoom.

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Learn how to:

  • Use the concepts ownership and borrowing.
  • Handle errors with the Result type.
  • Write your own modules.
  • Integrate crates.
  • Write safe concurrent programs in Rust.
  • Use Rust's documentation for research and problem solving.

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Who should take this workshop?

This course is targeted at software developers with no knowledge in Rust who want to learn Rust for professional development and for people who already gained initial experiences with the language but have no routine in applying it.


Professional programming experience in any language, preferably but not mandatory a systems programming background.

Workshop Outline

  • Installing the Rust toolchain
  • Basic syntax
  • Basic types and data structures
  • Variables and mutability
  • Declaring functions with signatures and return values
  • Control flow
  • Hands-on project: FizzBuzz
Usage of Rust
  • Ownership and borrowing
  • Rust's string types
  • Error handling
  • Trait implementation
  • Iterators
  • Modules and crates
  • Hands-on project: Mail server
Insights into advanced Rust topics
  • Closures
  • Lifetimes
  • Drop, Panic, Abort
  • Functionality of Cargo
  • Dynamic Dispatch
  • Advanced Generics
  • Bounds
  • Unsafe Rust
  • Dereferencing
  • Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
  • Cross compiling

Introduction to Rust
Dates coming soon