Modern Software Architecture Documentation Hands On — Half‑Day Workshop [SAG Digital 2021]


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This half-day workshop is part of the Software Architecture Gathering Digital — 2021. To learn more about the conference and this workshop, please visit the conference's official website here.

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Architecture documentation is very often treated stepmotherly. Yet documentation supports the design work and creates transparency and guard rails for the implementation and maintenance of the software architecture. On the one hand, it is not simple however to hold the important information from the draft of the software architecture structured and easily understandable. On the other hand, most attempts in search of practicable handling for creation and maintenance end in the WYSIWYG hell of a word processor or the deep maw of a wiki. Building on lightweight tools and text formats, this workshop shows how to create documentation that is as redundancy-free as possible and can be delivered in appealing formats optimized for different target groups.

With the help of many practical exercises, the seminar deals with concepts such as Continuous Documentation and Documentation as Code. The goal is modern, effective, and pragmatic documentation of software architecture. We build on proven methods, formats, and tools like AsciiDoc/Markdown, PlantUML, docToolchain, Maven/Gradle, jqAssistant, and many more. In detail, we take care of the automation of the documentation build process, the generation of content from the model, database schema or source code, the structured storage including versioning and historicization, and the use or creation of meaningful and easily maintainable graphics.

Agile development teams can thus integrate documentation work into their daily tasks and deliver up-to-date, comprehensive, and well-structured results at any time. In addition, the creation of documentation can be integrated into the review process and thus constantly improved and further developed.

About the Authors

Falk Sippach

As a software architect, consultant and trainer at embarc Software Consulting GmbH, Falk Sippach is always on the lookout for that spark of passion that he can ignite in his participants, customers and colleagues. He has been supporting mostly agile software development projects in the Java environment for over 15 years. As an active part of the community (co-organizer of the JUG Darmstadt), he also likes to share his knowledge in articles, blog posts, as well as in presentations at conferences or user group meetings and supports the organization of various events.

Ralf D. Müller

Ralf is a Software Engineering Advocat at DB Systel during the day and after sunset he loves everything whit bits and bytes. The last few years of his career, he focused on the documentation of software systems with arc42 and the Docs-as-Code approach.

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Modern Software Architecture Documentation Hands On — Half‑Day Workshop [SAG Digital 2021]
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