Mastering Eventual Consistency — Half‑Day Workshop [SAG Digital 2021]

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This half-day workshop is part of the Software Architecture Gathering Digital — 2021. To learn more about the conference and this workshop, please visit the conference's official website here.

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Distributed data-intensive systems are increasingly designed to be only eventually consistent. Persistent data is no longer processed with serialized and transactional access, exposing applications to a range of potential consistency and concurrency anomalies that need to be handled by the application itself. Controlling concurrent data access in monolithic systems is already challenging, but the problem is exacerbated in distributed systems. To make it worse, only little systematic engineering guidance is provided by the software architecture community regarding this issue.

Susanne shares her experiences from different case studies with industry clients, and novel design guidelines developed by means of action research. In this hands-on workshop you will learn settled and novel approaches to tackle consistency- and concurrency related design challenges. After the workshop you will know how to use them in practice, and in combination with Domain Driven Design (DDD).

The goals of this workshop are:

  • You learn the most fundamental basics of ACID transactions, distributed transactions, Sagas, Multilevel Transactions, Eventual Consistency, Conflict-Free-Replicated Data Types (CRDTS), ACID 2.0 and the CALM Theorem.
  • You learn the general recommendations of DDD in relation to consistency, transactions and concurrency control.
  • You learn and practice novel design guidelines and patterns extending the DDD philosophy. These will enable you to design distributed data-intensive systems in such a way that you can exploit the benefits of eventual consistency, and at the same time avoid its common pitfalls.
Workshop participants should already have some basic knowledge in distributed systems, database transactions and DDD.

About the Author

Susanne Braun

Susanne is a developer, software architect and researcher at Fraunhofer IESE. She has more than 10 years of professional experience and worked as consultant at Capgemini sd&m and Accso before joining Fraunhofer. In her PhD she researches on distributed systems, eventual consistency and software architecture design. She is a regular speaker at conferences, active member of the java user group community, program committee member of the JavaLand conference, co-organiser of the Cyberland events, and heavily involved with getting more women into tech.

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Mastering Eventual Consistency — Half‑Day Workshop [SAG Digital 2021]
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