Beyond Java 8 with Ben Evans

  2 days


Join Ben Evans to learn everything you need to know to successfully upgrade from Java 8 to Java 11 or 17!

Java 17 is the current long-term support (LTS) release of one of the world’s most popular programming languages. However, over 40% of applications still report running on Java 8 (released in 2014), two LTS releases behind the current version.

Join Ben Evans to learn everything you need to know to successfully upgrade from Java 8 to Java 11 or 17 in this online workshop.

Applications that have migrated to Java 11 or 17 will typically experience better performance (often significantly) and smaller resource footprint than when under running Java 8. Upgrading to versions after Java 8 also brings in much better support for cloud and container environments. These improvements often provide a great opportunity to save money by reducing cloud / infrastructure spend.

Join Ben Evans to learn what you need to know to successfully upgrade both your teams and existing applications from Java 8 to Java 11 or 17.

Please Note: This workshop will take place on 2 consecutive Fridays:
18 November 2022 and 25 November 2022.

This course will be offered virtually over 2 half-day sessions of 4 hours each. The 2 half day sessions will take place 1 week apart from each other (i.e. Friday and the following Friday).

Our virtual courses offer the same expert-led, hands-on experience we've offered since 2013 — accessible from the comfort of your own home (office). You'll join Ben and participants from around the globe in a virtual classroom where you'll learn everything you need to know to upgrade from Java 8 to Java 11 or 17.

Learn how to:

In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • The new release model, feature releases, and long-term support options
  • Why Java 11 and 17 are better suited to containerized applications than Java 8
  • How to improve performance and reduce resource utilization with Java 11 / 17
  • The necessary steps to upgrade your apps, including build tools and libraries
  • How to work with new language features and APIs
  • How to use Flight Recorder to monitor and diagnose problems with your applications

About the Author

Ben Evans

Ben Evans is an author, entrepreneur, consultant and educator. His career highlights to date include: Co-founding jClarity, a performance startup, Chief Architect for Listed Derivatives at Deutsche Bank, Performance testing the Google IPO, consulting CTO to several startups, initial UK trials of 3G networks with BT, building award-winning websites for some of Hollywood's biggest hits of the 90s, developing some of the UK’s very first true e-commerce websites, building multibillion dollar low-latency trading systems and designing technology to help some of the UK’s most vulnerable people.

Available dates

Dates coming soon

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Our team is happy to discuss other options with you.
Contact us at and mention ref: BEYONDJAVA8-BE-02.
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Who should take this workshop?

  • You’re a Java developer who wants to upgrade to the latest LTS release.
  • You want to learn how to save money on your AWS / Azure bill
  • You need to analyze your application’s performance in production.
  • You want to get the most out of Java running in containers.


Participants should have:

  • Intermediate Java 8 development skills
  • Basic familiarity with containers (Docker)
  • Knowledge of Java performance concerns an advantage

Attendees must also have the following tooling/software:
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Java 11 or 17 installed
  • IDE (IntelliJ preferred)

Workshop Outline

Session One:
  • History and New Release Cycle
  • Java 11 Small Features
    • JShell
    • var and LVTI
    • Nestmates
    • New HTTP Client
  • Introduction to Java Modules
  • JDK Flight Recorder (JFR)

Session Two:
  • Migrating Your Enterprise To 11 or 17
    • Upgrading libraries
    • Removal of Java EE modules
    • Visibility Changes and Reflection
  • Performance and Internal Changes
    • Compact Strings
    • G1 Garbage Collector
    • Misc Performance Updates
  • Deploying in Containers and The Cloud
  • Language Changes in 17
  • The Future
    • Future Features
    • Pattern Matching / Amber
    • FFI / Panama
    • Virtual Threads / Loom
    • Valhalla
  • Native Compilation

Beyond Java 8 with Ben Evans
Dates coming soon